Maple Syrup Days

April 6 and April 13, 2024

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Maple Syrup Days is an event designed for Scout age youth (6th grade and up).  We have two program experiences for Scouts to choose from, the first year program and the advanced program. In order to participate in the Advanced Program, Scouts need to have gone through the first year program. Those attending should be capable of participating in physical activities and 6th grade science based principles.

The program starts on Saturday morning with check-in at 8:00 a.m. and a pancake and porkie breakfast featuring real Bear Paw Maple Syrup. Participants will learn about the process of making maple syrup from tree to bottle in both modern and traditional methods. The cost of the of the weekend program is only $30 per person and includes breakfast, lunch, commemorative patch and 8 oz. bottle of Bear Paw Maple Syrup customized with their name.

First Year Program

This is for a Scout who has not been to Maple Syrup Days before.  It will introduce you to the process of making syrup starting with tapping a tree to bottling a bottle of syrup.  This round robin style program spends time on each element of maple syrup production.

Advanced Program

This is for a Scout who has been through the First Year Program of Maple Syrup Days.  Once you understand the basics of Maple Syrup production this program will give you an opportunity to take a deeper look at elements of maple syrup production that interest you, including merit badges.


First Year Program Details

The first year program is intended for Scouts who are coming to Maple Syrup Days for the first time.  Activities Scouts will participate in throughout the day include:

  • The history of Maple Syrup making
  • Collecting Sap
  • Cooking with Maple Syrup
  • Using tools of the trade
  • Tapping Trees and Gravity Feed Tubing
  • Boiling sap with the Evaporator
  • Bottling their very own bottle of syrup


Advanced Program Details

In the Advanced program, Scouts who have been through the First Year Program in the past have the chance to choose their favorite parts of the maple syrup making process and learn more about them. These sessions are longer and more in-depth. Scouts will choose a morning session and an afternoon session to attend (some options requires full day participation).
Session Options Include:

  • Forestry Merit Badge (full day)
  • Entrepreneurship Merit Badge (full day)
  • Plant Science Merit Badge (full day)
  • Engineering Merit Badge (full day)
  • Maple Confections
  • Baking with Maple Syrup
  • Cooking with Maple Syrup
  • Maple Syrup Grading
  • Groundwater & How it affects Maple Syrup
  • Maple Stand Management
  • Sap Chemistry & Maple Syrup Production
  • Maple Sap Collection
Advanced Program Session Description & Program Grid