Bear Paw Maple Syrup

Grade A, Dark Amber & Delicious

Nestled in the Nicolet National Forest of Northern Wisconsin is the home of Bear Paw Scout Camp.  Here the sap begins to flow as winter melts into spring and the Sugar Bush comes alive!  Our pure maple syrup is made bucket to bottle  from the finest Sugar Maple trees in camp.


Each year we tap over 1,000 trees at Bear Paw Scout Camp and collect sap through gravity feed tubing collection as well as drop lines into 5 gallon pails.  All the sap is brought to our sugar shack where it is boiled from sap to syrup.  It takes, on average, 40 gallons of sap to create 1 gallon of maple syrup.  After boiling the sap to syrup we bottle this syrup and sell it on site in our Bear Paw Trading Post.  This program would not be possible to make our Bear Paw Maple Syrup without the dedicated volunteers who are responsible for our maple syrup operations year round. 



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14000 Bear Paw Lane, Mountain, WI 54149